What is Kava Kava ?

Kava Kava is the central ingredient in the famous South Pacific Tea Ceremony,
and works wonders on stress, anxiety, depression, migraine and even leprosy,
according to some sources.
In South Pacific communities it’s used much in the same way as alcohol is used
in many countries. Its power lies in the presence of kava-lactones , which are a
great muscle relaxant, and give you that chilled-out, peaceful feeling that just
isn’t matched by any other anti-anxiety substance. It’s a wonderfully soothing
remedy, which helps dissolve anxiety, insomnia and stress.
However, there has recently been some concern that it could cause liver damage
in certain individuals, a claim that has not been substantiated by any of the
studies conducted to investigate these supposed side-effects. Communities all
around the world continue to use kava kava to feel happier, at peace and perform
at their best, and you can too.
The traditional form to consume kava kava is of course as a tea, but you can also
get it in tablet or capsule form. Take 210-240 mg each day. Be aware that it does affect other medications you might be taking and it is not to be taken by
pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those with liver damage.